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Little Notes In Library Books XIV

Little Notes In Library Books XIV

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Sometimes I feel like there's a hand in my stomach squeezing and twisting all the way up to my throat
The cold claws dig deep into my scalp releasing a stinging venom that trickles down my eyes and cheeks
Steel rods punch into my sternum with a force that could knock down the most muscular body
A large burning ball in my throat nearly chokes me to death and I swallow hard to shift it
That's when the despair, distress, alarm, fear, helplessness kicks in
That's when I feel I've lost all control
When I know I can't keep everyone safe
When my mind races with exaggerated scenarios and shows me scenes I don't want to think about
Oh I'm sorry, do I seem a little snappy?
It's ok, don't you worry about a thing; I'm fine… really


Little notes in library books IV

Little notes in library books IV

Crack. Splinter. Fracture.

Split. Tear. Rip

Break. Scream. Sob

Burn. Cry. Bleed. 

You broke my heart today. And I thanked you for the attention

Any is better than none

I deserve better? Possibly 

I want better? No

Only you. Only you. 

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