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Little Notes In Library Books XIV

Little Notes In Library Books XIV

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Sometimes I feel like there's a hand in my stomach squeezing and twisting all the way up to my throat
The cold claws dig deep into my scalp releasing a stinging venom that trickles down my eyes and cheeks
Steel rods punch into my sternum with a force that could knock down the most muscular body
A large burning ball in my throat nearly chokes me to death and I swallow hard to shift it
That's when the despair, distress, alarm, fear, helplessness kicks in
That's when I feel I've lost all control
When I know I can't keep everyone safe
When my mind races with exaggerated scenarios and shows me scenes I don't want to think about
Oh I'm sorry, do I seem a little snappy?
It's ok, don't you worry about a thing; I'm fine… really


Little notes in library books III

Little notes in library books III

Let me please you 

Let me sit naked before you. Waiting your command

I will call you master. Here. Now. I am yours to use as you will

This body belongs to you. Am I your favourite toy?

Outside these four walls we are different. But inside. Here. Now. You are the power

I will beg. I will do as you command. I will open up. I will take you in. I will push myself to the limit and wait on your intense and addictive rewards. 

And I will thank you master for it all

You are the only one who can do this. You know me. Every inch of me. You know what makes me writhe with undiluted ecstasy

Let me please you as you please me