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Little notes in library books VIII

Little notes in library books VIII

A word to the wise

The strong man is never as expected

The weaker may surprise

Not arms nor legs nor shoulders defined

Not a strong brow or piercing eyes

Strength has not a physical form

It sits deep within the chest

Its doing your best, trying against all odds

He who is strong is unafraid to love

to laugh, to cry, to play, to work

He takes it in his stride, quietly being solid

He may not be the loudest or the daredevil

he may be the carer, the supporter, the safety of home

But he is strong, he is always true to himself

He is everything to those he loves and they him.

Yes, physicality is also strength

but don’t discount all others

you may find you have missed gold while mining for iron


Little Notes In Library Books V 


Image: Winged ship fleeing into the open waters, by Vladimir Kush

Don’t be scared

I know it’s scary

Out of your control 

The waves will take you where they wish 

Your path is planned by the overpowering sea

Your fate whatever the water decides it to be 

You daren’t even face the direction you secretly desire 

You are helpless 

 I am the breeze 

I will guild your ship to the shore 

The haven you seek

I will fill your sails with life and not falter until you are home

I can do that, I am the breeze that with the sun shine guides you

Raise your sails, let me do this for you 

Don’t be scared

I will blow gently through your hair as you sleep

Sending you sweet dreams and comfort till morning 

I will fight away the rain

I can do that

I can do that for you

Let me do that for you 

Crazy pics. 


Hi peeps,

Well, I decided to set a different picture every couple of days for the Halloween week. I have enjoyed doing these pictures that I am now considering making a new wacky profile picture every week. 

Clearly I have to much free time. Heehee