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Little Notes In Library Books X


You are unique

Inspirational right? 

But are you?  

Aren’t you just like everyone else

You try so hard to be

You once didn’t care

A jolly laugh and scruffy hair

The phone that you spent your last penny on was once a cheerful plastic friend with a smiley face. He didn’t need to be upgraded. 

Fashion was just a word to explain the cut up doll clothes and marker pen makeup

The random spinning and frantic wiggling has been replaced with a dance confined to a half meter square and involves self discipline and just the right pose.

Yes I do believe we are somewhat unique at first. We are free to be 

But now?  As you take the seventy third selfie of the day 

As you adorn yourself with the popular fashion of the minute and force your hair to comply with what is on trend

Are you still as unique? 

And is it all as fun as it was when you didn’t even know what a hashtag was? 

What actually happens when you break from that group of clones? 

Nothing. You don’t combust or lose everything. You’re just fine 

No need to check social media. The trend today is whatever you make it. 

 The days hot topics don’t need hash tags and the food you eat is your choice not the most dominant “friend’s”

Don’t like that?  Gone

Like that?  Great! 

No it’s not uncool.  What does that even mean?  

Fun isn’t it! 

Now. Are you unique? 


If I knew Henry the Eighth


If I knew Henry VIII I doubt he would find me impressive

He would wonder why my hair was so short and all different colours

He would enquire as to why I am 25 years old and unmarried

He would assume that I am barren as I have no children

The piercings?  “Why that ring through your nose is an adornment for cattle young lady”

At dinner, when I refuse to eat all the animals in the uk and send back the dairy he will undoubtedly accuse me of being an ungrateful little madam with no appreciation for the feast he had prepared

The post dinner entertainment would be more akin to a presidential debate or a fist fight. No doubt, I would argue my opinion ferociously and his majesty would have a heart attack at my shocking insolence and sheer cheek.

Yes. I think he’d rather like having me around ;P

(seems the times havent quite changed as much as we like to think)

Little notes in library books VIII

Little notes in library books VIII

A word to the wise

The strong man is never as expected

The weaker may surprise

Not arms nor legs nor shoulders defined

Not a strong brow or piercing eyes

Strength has not a physical form

It sits deep within the chest

Its doing your best, trying against all odds

He who is strong is unafraid to love

to laugh, to cry, to play, to work

He takes it in his stride, quietly being solid

He may not be the loudest or the daredevil

he may be the carer, the supporter, the safety of home

But he is strong, he is always true to himself

He is everything to those he loves and they him.

Yes, physicality is also strength

but don’t discount all others

you may find you have missed gold while mining for iron

Little notes in library books VIIĀ 


Tango  of Passion by Leonid Afremov

Tango of Passion by Leonid Afremov

Dance with me 

Hold my hands and lead me 

Press your body against mine

I am your canvas and you are my frame

Let us paint a picture of crimson and sienna 

Brush strokes that bring us closer

Every line in perfect synchronisation 

Dance with me

Paint a picture of love and rhythm 

Of desire and heat 

For this moment we are one 

Fleeting but perfect 

An innocent dance? 

Down with love

Down with love

Dear reader,

It’s been a while since I did a thoughts and ramblings entry so here it is. You will have noticed the subject is “down with love”, there you have it; I’m terrible at it. I fall for the wrong people and I think I’ll just give up on it. 

Today, a chap decided to point out how my opinions are always wrong and how I have social issues. He seemed to think that my inquisitive nature was reserved solely for him and that I was trying to make him look unintelligent with my “psychobabble”. 

I decided to lay low for a while so as to avoid any more conflict with this opinionated little darling. However, so as no to worry my friends I notified them that I had not left the social media app I was using. Anyone who had an opinion on the situation formed the consensus that aforementioned chap is a paranoid egomaniacal bastard (well I’m not going to say either way) and understood why I’m avoiding him. 

Then I remembered that I hadn’t told Mister Gitchops. If you have followed my blog from the beginning you will know that for about a year now I have been unable to break ties with Gitchops even though he clearly doesn’t give a hoot about me. So, I sent him a message informing him of the situation and I’m guessing he will pick it up on Monday. Except now my hormonal bitch demon side has taken over and I’m now sitting at my desk typing by candlelight contemplating wether or not to revise my message and add “not that you give a flying f%*k Anyways”. 

I know, dear reader that this would cause a shitstorm but I’m tempted to challenge our “friendship” to breaking point and utterly stab myself in the chest by watching it crash and burn at my hands. 

The mixed signals are really starting to tire me and I seem to be terrible at communicating with men recently. So, here is my question to you dear reader:

Down with love?